Welcome friends and soon to be friends! 
I'm Angela, and I love to help capture memories with the people you love. I am a pure lover of smiles. I love smiling myself  and making people genuinely smile.
I love specializing in natural light lifestyle photography and meeting all the fun clients and their families and seeing the love shared between them all. It is seriously the best.  
I am a passionate farm girl originally from Ituna, SK relocated now to near Outlook, SK right near the beautiful Lake Diefenbaker. I am a full time Agronomist and lover of plants and animals. I have a passion for the outdoors and art. 
I believe that family and good friends are life's best blessings and capturing moments with those you love using photography is the best way to cherish the memories.
Since a very young age, I have always had a love for cameras and fascinated by being able to capture the living moments we tend to blink and miss.  During the duration of my Agriculture degree I was fortunate to take the opportunity to enhance my skill set in photography classes. I continue to enhance my learning and skills through ongoing courses and learning to do by doing. I am so excited to share my passions and work with all of you! 
If you’ve read this whole thing, then I'm guessing you are a cool person and we should probably be friends.
Send me a message to just say hi, let me know what you think about my work and lets book your next session!
Talk soon,